Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today is my 15 YEAR Anniversary!!!

Yep I can't believe it....15 years today! WARNING: Sappy emotional stuff ahead.

It seems like yesterday we were getting married in my mom's hotel and everyone was telling us 18 is just too young to be getting married. Well, I married my soul mate that day and even though 18 might be too young for some, it worked out perfectly for us. Since then we have had good and bad times, ups and downs and through it all we are each other's best friends. He is by far the best man I have ever met and I know that I am truly blessed to be married to him. I have so many things to thank him for but for now I will just narrow it down to two of the best children in the world Grayce(8) and Joeseph (3).

I love you Clayton and I can't wait to see what adventures the next 15 years will bring us! Smiles :) Tab
Today is my 15 YEAR Anniversary!!!
This was a few weeks ago in the Bahamas at Senior Frogs

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Charisma said...

That is amazing! congrats! By the way I love senor frogs. =)