Monday, March 2, 2009

Sarah's Bridal Shower...

I can think of a lot of reasons to invite your photographer to your bridal shower but, the number one reason would be PICTURES!!!! I had the honor of attending Sarah's bridal shower this weekend and here are a few of my favorites from the day ;)
bLOG 1
Me and the bride to be
The Bridal Shower Film Strip
The guests
Blog 2
Ummmm yes they were THAT good!
Blog 3
Blog 4
She gave her bridesmaids their gift....a Boudoir Bachelorette party with ME :)


Laura said...

You are SOOOOOOO very invited to my bridal shower. I just love the photo booth strip of pictures and I want one.

Charisma said...

I LOVE the photo booth strip pictures!!

Kat Braman said...

what an awesome gift!